A City that Impresses Me Every Time


There are several places in Greece that I’m fond of, but Xanthi is a place that I love being there. It is amphitheatrically built on the foot of Rhodope mountain chain, the city is divided by the Kosinthos River.

You should not miss to visit the Old Town of Xanthi where you can visit Byzantine Greek churches with neoclassical mansions of Greek merchants from the 18th and 19th centuries and Ottoman-era mosques.



You can walk through the paved paths, visit the several museums, take a lot of photos of the old houses along the street. And if you are lucky and the weather is sunny, thank God we were so lucky, you can enjoy a cup of Greek coffee outdoors!



We enjoyed that day so much as you can see from our faces!


Xanthi is also famous for its annual spring carnival which includes concerts, theatre plays, music and dance nights, exhibitions, a cycling event, games on the street and re-enactments of old customs.

I love it when I discover places like the House of Shadow. It is a place where an artist Triantafyllos Vaitsis creates shadows using several items like plastic, iron and even garbage. The result is fantastic!



I had the opportunity to speak with the artist Triantafyllos Vaitsis and he told me how he started, what inspired him and how easy this is. What I learned from him is that through strong work you can succeed!


“That we look is always less than what we see”. These are words that the artist said, and until today I try to look behind the scene and find the hidden messages that shape, color, size, texture and even silence can reveal.


Until next time I leave you with this message: … See that which cannot be seen”

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